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Frequently Asked Questions
100% "GREEN" Enzyme Cleaning Solution


1.  What is SporiCLEAN made of?

Answer 1:  SporiCLEAN is made of all Natural "Organic" Plant-Based Enzymes (multi-enzymes) and "Organic" Coconut Oil (as a surfactant).  The primary enzymes are; Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Carbohydrase and several beneficial sub-enzymes.  It is a very "heavy" concentrate that saves you considerable hard-earned money!  IMPORTANT NOTE:  SporiCLEAN ... you can SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY apply it yourself!!


 2.  How does SporiCLEAN eliminate Insects, Bacteria and Mold

Answer 2:  All Microorganisms (Infectious Bacteria from floodwater and sewer backups), Molds, Viruses and Germs are made of PROTEIN.  The same protein in our foods and we study in our schools or hear about in the news.  Proteins are made up of amino-acids and are what support ALL LIFE!  SporiCLEAN is made from 100% plant-based multi-enzymes and the most significant being the protease enzyme.  The Protease Enzyme has just one function or purpose; to break-down, degrade and digest proteins... (Infectious Bacteria, Molds, Viruses, Germs... AND INSECTS!!)  It is the protein food for the protease enzyme.  SporiCLEAN is the New 100% GREEN  no need for all toxic insecticides, toxic chemical disinfectants, and harmful or toxic chemical cleaners.

Yes, SporiCLEAN is excellent at breaking down and destroying the following insects.  Always use the general purpose dilution of 2-ounces of SporiCLEAN concentrate to 1-gallon of clean water for all of the following applications:

 Household Ants, Spiders & Fleas:  2-ounces of SporiCLEAN concentrate into 1-gallon of water will work just excellent against these insects.  Spray directly onto the insects.  Larger insects will require multiple sprays (larger spiders and carpenter ants as an example).

Dust-Mites & Bed-Bugs:  2-ounces (as above) and lightly spray over furniture, carpets, sheets, bedding, pillows (pillow cases) and allow it to dry.  Before you make your bed in the morning, spray a light coating over the sheets and bedding and allow it to thoroughly air-dry for about 10-hours  before re-making the bed.  It is completely safe to people, pets and plants


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